Praise for Our Study Materials

Here are a few of the nice comments we've received over the years.

Praise from teachers, home tutors and educators

igcse1"As a home educator, I have found your website to be the best resource available. Worth every penny!" - John Adams, Loughton

"Thee quality of your teaching embedded in your model answers is truly refreshing." - Dr Silvers, retired Open University Lecturer, Portsmouth

"My students have much benefited from this CD. I will tell more people in my country." - Mr el-Sawah, Bahrain

Students who achieved good grades

"We used your GCSE papers and my daughter went from a C in her mock to an A star." - Antony Hopkin, Woking

"Thought you'd like to know I got an A*. Your model answers made revision a breeze." - Lee Yuen, Hong Kong

"My daughter has achieved A* in both her Modules 1 & 3 Maths so far because of your help. Thank you for this brilliant work." - R Fernandez, Derbyshire

j10p3a1_a"I have used your site and the CD for both my daughters GCSE's and they both got As. I just wanted to thank you and say how clear they found your answers. A very helpful site." - Mrs B Gordon, Edinburgh

"I did all my GCSE revision using your model answers - next thing I knew my maths teacher began asking me where I'd learnt so much! Thought I'd say thank you. By the way I got an A*" - Ragee, Slough

"Thank you. I got a grade C after two months of revising with your CD." - Yvonne Ellis

Praise for the style of our model answers

"I've never seen my son so hooked! Your model answers are so clear even I'm learning something!! Thank you so much for this CD." - Mrs J Cooke, Cornwall

"Just wanted to tell you my dad thinks your model answers are great. I've learnt a lot as well - thanks." - D. Jones, Wales

"At first I found your hand-written explanations a bit odd, but once I'd got used to them I always found them so simple and clear and I'd like to order another CD for my boyfriend - hope I've done the right thing!'" - Rachel, Newcastle

"I went through your model answers with my son and I learnt things that had mystified me for years - but he picked them up no bother. Your explanations were so clear and simple. Thank you." - Mr Patel, Harrow

"How do you make it sound so simple?" - Jane, Reading

collage-maths"I am very impressed. I particularly like the answers in hand writing and the colourful identification of keywords. I think that sometimes computer text can lose impact. The hand written answers engage the brain whereas people tend to lose attention when they see computer text." - Mr Ellsmore, West Yorkshire

Students who are now confident at Maths

"I haven't regretted a single penny I spent on your CD. My son learnt so much and his self-confidence in maths just grew and grew." - Mr Ahmed, Leeds

"As a retired teacher I find your site the best available. Since using your CD my daughter has a much more relaxed, positive attitude towards Maths." - J. Nancekievill, Staffordshire

Students who now love and are hooked on Maths

"My uncle bought me your CD for Chrimbo an I thought he was mad, but I've spent 4 hours at your model answers an can't get enough, maybe I'm mad too!" - Philip, London

"I thought I was too thick for this subject - but I wasn't. None of my maths teachers came close to your model answers and without them I wouldn't have done well - I'm now doing A level!" - Kiri, Cyprus

"I found your site very, very helpful." - Shameena, Birmingham

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About Us

We started in 2001 and provide free past papers for GCSE and IGCSE Maths and Science. We also sell detailed and easy-to-understand model answers for the questions.

We believe that practicing with past papers and comparing your answers to our model answers is one of the best ways to prepare for your exam.

Customer Testimonials

"As a home educator, I have found your website to be the best resource available. Worth every penny!" - John AdamsHome Educator

"The quality of your teaching embedded in your model answers is truly refreshing." - Dr Silvers, Retired Open University Lecturer, Portsmouth

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